We are an impact fund that supports projects facilitating harmonious relationships between human activity and nature. We seek to tackle global warming through the enhancement of natural carbon sinks.
Edaphon, as a term, refers to the aggregate of organisms that live in the soil, or, soil life.

Convinced that soil life is crucial to reaching solutions to the carbon crisis, we focus on projects that act as natural carbon sinks and contribute towards the restoration of essential ecosystems.

Our key principles are harmony between human activity and nature, the tackling of global warming through processes that centre biodiversity, and the seeking of climate solutions focused on natural carbon sinks and ecosystem support.

Our story began in 2015, in Europe, when our main sponsors started focusing on impact investing. The emphasis quickly turned to decarbonisation and biodiversity through the enhancement of naturally existing processes.

Long-term partnerships have become central to our investment process, as we understand the importance of sustained support in our investments, to allow for each project to reach its full potential and impact.

Our Strategy

Our Investment Scope


    Natural ecosystems are the biggest source of carbon removal from the atmosphere. We look for solutions that support these ecosystems in capturing carbon and decreasing carbon emissions. (For example: regenerative agriculture, forest management and ecosystem restoration.)

    We also believe in investing in technology and education, and in commercial innovations that help mitigate carbon emissions and threats to biodiversity.

What We Look For


    • Companies that have already commercialised their product in a manner where the impact is inherent to their commercial success
    • Teams that gather the right amount of specialised expertise, with a diversity of profiles and experiences
    • Scalability, as we believe valuable solutions are found in those that can be replicated and scaled to gain systemic impact
    • Science-based projects

Entry Stage


    We focus on investing at an early stage of the company’s development cycle (primarily Series A to Series C).

For How Long


    We acknowledge that the projects we support are ambitious and take time to develop to their full potential, we are therefore long-term investors.



    We do not have pre-defined expectations for establishing relationships with the founders or management of our investments.

    Our experience and knowledge mean that our partners often ask for advice, coaching, or our the presence as a board member.

    We may decide to invest in funds that have similar perspectives, in which case we are interested in creating network synergies for our portfolio companies.

Geographic Focus


    Being based in Brussels, Belgium, naturally the majority of our investments are in Europe. Nevertheless, depending on our involvement within the company, we are open to global investments and already have several investments outside of Europe.

Our Investment Portfolio



    Omie & Cie is the first European food brand that promotes products from regenerative agriculture. All products are designed with respect for the soil and the men and women who work there.
    We choose to invest in Omie & Cie because of their ability to increase consumer awareness of regenerative farming and support farmers in their agricultural transition.



    CROPX aggregates data from soil to sky and transforms it into useful information, helping farmers monitor the health of fields and crops. Agronomic insights derived from this information can support farmers to reduce the usage of chemical inputs and freshwater. We decided to invest in CropX because of the demonstrated efficiency gains the products offer and the company’s impressive expertise in smart irrigation management. Smart irrigation management in agriculture is clearly becoming more and more important to safeguard yields and conserve freshwater.

Orora Technologies


    Founded in 2018, and based in Munich, Germany, OroraTech is a leading thermal-infrared data intelligence company. The company employs satellite technology for the early detection of forest fires. This technology aligns with our key principles, as the early detection of fires can mitigate carbon emissions and help preserve valuable ecosystems, which is why we have chosen to invest in OroraTech.

Groundwork BioAg


    Groundwork BioAg has developed efficient mycorrhizal solutions for row crops, by restoring the soil’s mycorrhizal balance which is crucial to a plant’s ability to absorb precious nutrients. Furthermore, Groundwork BioAg has pioneered methods of production, based on over thirty years of research and development.

    We chose to invest in Groundwork BioAg as their solution reduces the usage of chemicals and enhances soil resilience to climate stress.



    Klim is a digital platform helping farmers transition towards regenerative agriculture. Klim spreads and shares knowledge throughout the farming community, creating commercial links and thus generating a new income with carbon credits. Klim fosters cooperation across the value chain, from farmers to the agro-food industry.

    We chose to invest in Klim as they developed a science based and scalable approach that facilitates the transition to regenerative agriculture.



    Gaïago develops prebiotics to stimulate the growth of naturally occurring fungi in the soil, as well as to improve a plant’s potential to intake minerals and fertilizers. Gaïago has also developed a program to help farmers obtain carbon certificates .

    We chose to invest in Gaïago because their products significantly increase and accelerate carbon capture in the soil, whilst offering scalable production possibilities and solutions to farmers.

Kite Insights


    Kite Insights aids companies to transition towards net zero by helping multinational companies’ employees become conscious of their potential contribution to climate solutions.

    We chose to invest in Kite Insights because of the importance companies play as role models towards a net zero world. Education is one of the main pillars towards reaching these net zero goals, yet is typically scarce in the discussion around climate and environmental strategies.



    MiiMOSA is a crowdfunding and loan platform made for agricultural and food sustainability projects. Their aim is to facilitate access to financing for environmentally high-impact projects.

    We chose to invest in Miimosa’s debt fund because they offer alternative financial solutions for smallholders wishing to transition and who might not have access to bank loans or other means of financing.



    EFM is a forest fund that, for over a decade, has been investing in and restoring forests through climate-smart approaches focused on natural and sustainable forest management.

    We chose to invest in EFM because their forestry practices help preserve biodiversity and the rich ecosystems of forests .

Soil Capital


    Soil Capital is a user-friendly digital platform that helps farmers enhance revenues through the adoption of regenerative agricultural techniques. The carbon-capturing of each user is then evaluated and retributed by the issuance of carbon certificates.

    We chose to invest in Soil Capital because of the scalability of the project, as well as the hands-on methodology of the founders.

Visvires Protein


    Visvires Protein is the second project funded by Visvres, who deploy venture capital to back teams developing transformative solutions for a more sustainable food and feed system. Through their funding, Visvires have helped grow some of the most iconic start-up companies revolutionising the world of food and agriculture today.

    We chose to invest in Visvires as they have established knowledge of food-related innovative technologies, coupled with a global mind-set. Furthermore, they accompany the management of their investments in their growth trajectory, centring a science-based approach.



    The Ecosystem Integrity Fund ‘EIF’ is an early-stage investor in companies contributing to environmental sustainability. EIF aims to use private capital to accelerate the transition towards sustainability, resulting in a healthier planet, healthier communities, and strong economic growth.

    We chose to invest in EIF because they socially and geographically complement the vision and mission of Edaphon.



    Some of our previous investments include :

    • Futureproofed : after several years by their side, Futureproofed was acquired by Sweco. We believe this is a great opportunity to help Futureproofed further scale their business and their impact.

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