Our Investment Scope

Natural ecosystems are the biggest source of carbon removal from the atmosphere. We look for solutions that support these ecosystems in capturing carbon and decreasing carbon emissions. (For example: regenerative agriculture, forest management and ecosystem restoration.)

We also believe in investing in technology and education, and in commercial innovations that help mitigate carbon emissions and threats to biodiversity.

What We Look For

  • Companies that have already commercialised their product in a manner where the impact is inherent to their commercial success
  • Teams that gather the right amount of specialised expertise, with a diversity of profiles and experiences
  • Scalability, as we believe valuable solutions are found in those that can be replicated and scaled to gain systemic impact
  • Science-based projects


We do not have pre-defined expectations for establishing relationships with the founders or management of our investments.

Our experience and knowledge mean that our partners often ask for advice, coaching, or our the presence as a board member.

We may decide to invest in funds that have similar perspectives, in which case we are interested in creating network synergies for our portfolio companies.

Geographic Focus

Being based in Brussels, Belgium, naturally the majority of our investments are in Europe. Nevertheless, depending on our involvement within the company, we are open to global investments and already have several investments outside of Europe.

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