We are an impact fund that support projects facilitating harmonious relationships between human activity and nature, that seek to tackle global warming through the encouragement of biodiversity. Edaphon, as a term, refers to the animal and plant life present in soils, or, soil life.

Convinced that soil life is crucial to reaching solutions to the carbon crisis, our focus remains on projects that act as natural carbon sinks and that contribute towards the restoration of essential ecosystems.

Our key principles are harmony between human activity and nature, the tackling of global warming through processes that centre biodiversity, and the seeking of climate solutions focused on natural carbon sinks and ecosystem support.

Our story began in 2015, in Europe, when our main sponsors founded an impact-focused fund. The emphasis of this fund quickly turned to decarbonisation and biodiversity through the enhancing of naturally existing processes.

Long-term partnerships have become central to our investment process, as we understand the importance of sustained support in our investments, to allow for each project to reach its full potential and impact.

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