CROPX aggregates data from soil to sky and transforms it into useful information, helping farmers monitor the health of fields and crops. Agronomic insights derived from this information can support farmers to reduce the usage of chemical inputs and freshwater. We decided to invest in CropX because of the demonstrated efficiency gains the products offer and the company’s impressive expertise in smart irrigation management. Smart irrigation management in agriculture is clearly becoming more and more important to safeguard yields and conserve freshwater.

Orora Technologies

Founded in 2018, and based in Munich, Germany, OroraTech is a leading thermal-infrared data intelligence company. The company employs satellite technology for the early detection of forest fires. This technology aligns with our key principles, as the early detection of fires can mitigate carbon emissions and help preserve valuable ecosystems, which is why we have chosen to invest in OroraTech.

Groundwork BioAg

Groundwork BioAg has developed efficient mycorrhizal solutions for row crops, by restoring the soil’s mycorrhizal balance which is crucial to a plant’s ability to absorb precious nutrients. Furthermore, Groundwork BioAg has pioneered methods of production, based on over thirty years of research and development.

We chose to invest in Groundwork BioAg as their solution reduces the usage of chemicals and enhances soil resilience to climate stress.


Klim is a digital platform helping farmers transition towards regenerative agriculture. Klim spreads and shares knowledge throughout the farming community, creating commercial links and thus generating a new income with carbon credits. Klim fosters cooperation across the value chain, from farmers to the agro-food industry.

We chose to invest in Klim as they developed a science based and scalable approach that facilitates the transition to regenerative agriculture.

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